Importance of Being Connected to the Global Community

“What good will it do anyone to live inside a bubble?” It is a question that yields an answer that is easier said than done.

In Metro Detroit, most people have their hands full with the struggles posed by everyday life. The continuous battle against crime and poverty has been inching on the side of victory in the recent years, however, there still much needed to be done. Rehabilitation for the past economic fallout has turned people’s focus inwardly, shying away from the issues of the world at large.

What people often forget is that in most problems, the solution is often presented or achieved through collaboration. Looking outside Detroit’s internal problems and learning from the issues of cities across the world is a clever path to ushering economic improvement. Connecting to the global community fosters education, collaboration, and the birth of mutually-beneficial programs that make an impact.

On the micro level, keeping oneself connected to the global community requires a conscious decision. We can easily live inside a bubble without us even knowing it. The way we interact and navigate online can determine our state. Even if we are exposed to global news, some of us simply swipe up and ignore them, or scroll down the page and proceed to a “juicier” article.

Being truly connected to the global community calls for one important ingredient—our care for others outside of ourselves. Keep connected with the Greater Detroit Chapter of the United Nations Association to know more about the link between Metro Detroit and cities across the world, as we all strive for social and economic renewal.