Greater Detroit UNA-USA along with The Virtual Global Consultant Group Present: “Birthing Babies, Building Business”

The Greater Detroit Chapter of the United Nations Association (GDUNA) is co-presenting an event with The Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) Group at the Annual Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in March 2019.

BIRTHING BABIES, BUILDING BUSINESS: A Modern Way to Empower Women to Create Currency”, the event co-sponsored by GDUNA and The VGC Group aims to promote women empowerment by teaching women how to build business online in order to compete and thrive in the global market.  

GDUNA and The VGC Group’s program is one of the few selected among hundreds of applicants to present at the 63rd session of the UNCSW. London Bell, President of GDUNA, shares that the opportunity to co-sponsor this event highlights a “historic time of change and dynamic achievement of women in Detroit and the Metro area.”

“The local Greater Detroit Chapter, which advocates on initiatives around issues like human rights, equality and education, is thrilled to present an event to empower women globally,” says Bell. The GDUNA is a non-partisan secular group working to raise awareness and build support around the principles and work of the United Nations.

The VGC Group Founders W.E. Da’Cruz and Naomi Jordan Cook are also excited by the opportunity given by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to share their passion for women empowerment. “This is extremely special because The VGC Group was founded by two women who were committed to competing in the marketplace and creating a better life for their families and everyone else they came into contact with,” explains Cook, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Da’Cruz and Cook both operate on the philosophy that ‘Birthing Babies’ and ‘Building Business’ are synonymous. Their inspirational message stems from their personal journey, as both of them have gone through the same circumstances and surpassed the difficult challenges that came along with it.

Established in 2016, The VGC Group (with headquarters in Detroit and New Jersey) designs and develops eCommerce systems that help generate revenue online for people, companies, and organizations. In the company’s second year of business, both co-founders gave birth to children while keeping the company on a steady road to success. Their firm commitment to a work-life balance lifestyle is reflected in the satisfaction and success of their clients, partners and team of professionals from all over the world. Today, the company continues to be rooted in the goal of helping others connect to the global community.

“We believe eCommerce is a tool that can help break economic and social barriers for people from all walks of life to transact together in a global economy. We want to share this with women who aspire to rise above their current situation and create the life that they desire and challenges societal norms,” says Da’Cruz, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer.

“Through this event, we are inspiring women everywhere to stand up and take control over their lives. Our company, our story, is proof that it is truly possible,” affirms Cook.  

In Detroit, women dominate the population by 52.73%. Unfortunately, the poverty rate for females is also higher, with 38.63% compared to 36.98% for males.

In terms of employment, women have a higher employment rate compared to men. The rate, however, is only a mere 20.21%, a small number that calls for improvement.

Around the Detroit Metropolitan Area, small events on women empowerment continue to emerge. They have been increasing in number and frequency as people start to recognize the lack of support for women who are struggling to provide for their families. These challenges faced by women are reflective of Detroit’s ongoing struggles in its road to economic recovery. The GDUNA aims to put the spotlight on this issue in the 63rd session of the UNCSW by presenting modern solutions in its co-sponsored event in March.

“We are sending the message to women all over the world that they can raise a family and grow a business at the same time,” says Da’Cruz, who is based in Detroit. “This event caters to women who desire to do both: build a family and be financial providers, primarily through building a business.”

“BIRTHING BABIES, BUILDING BUSINESS: A Modern Way to Empower Women to Create Currency” will be held on March 21, 2019, 8:30am, at the Church Center for the United Nations, New York City, New York.


W.E. Da’Cruz